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Viona's Victorian Picnic

From 2008 to 2014, the Victorian picnic organized by Viona Ielegems became a hallmark of the Leipzig Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) festival in Germany. The Wave-Gotik-Treffen is one of the world's largest gatherings for the dark, gothic, and alternative subcultures, held annually in Leipzig over the Whitsun weekend. Within this festival, Viona Ielegems organized a Victorian Picnic. Across seven successful editions, this gathering drew in more than 2,000 adorned attendees, transforming the parklands of Leipzig into a spectacular showcase of Victorian-era splendor.

The Victorian Picnic was an opportunity for attendees to dress in elaborate Victorian-era-inspired clothing. Participants would gather to socialize, showcase their outfits, and enjoy a leisurely afternoon reminiscent of the Victorian era.

The event often included various activities such as picnicking, socializing, and admiring the diverse and intricate outfits worn by participants. It served as a platform for individuals passionate about Victorian fashion and culture to come together in a picturesque setting, creating a visual spectacle and fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts.

Notably, even to this day, the Victorian picnic remains an enduring highlight of the festival, capturing the imagination of participants and contributing to the festival's unique charm.

Viona likes to thank all her loyal guests, friends, fellow-dreamers and the photographers who made these beautiful impressions.

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