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Early photographic work

Viona's early photographic repertoire serves as a profound and elegant response to the rapid, commercially driven ethos of the 21st century—a world where she felt disconnected. Her inspiration stems from the intricate tapestry of gothic novels, poetry, and the artistry prevalent in the 19th-century romantic movement.

Her distinctive style exudes a timeless allure, showcasing a classic aesthetic that adorns her muses in ethereal gowns and headdresses, drawing inspiration from diverse historical and ethnic influences.

Whether against the backdrop of a minimalist studio, immersed in nature's embrace, or within the walls of a storied edifice, Viona masterfully transforms her female models into enigmatic figures akin to characters from forgotten legends or ancient storybooks. With an alluring mystique, they beckon viewers to traverse alongside them into an alternate realm, fostering a desire to escape the confines of reality.

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