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Danse Macabre

"Welcome to the enchanting world of Danse Macabre, an immersive Halloween Ball curated by Viona Ielegems. Renowned for its opulence and allure, Danse Macabre gathers the most extravagant visitors from across Europe, beckoning them into a realm of Gothic splendor and dark elegance. Set within the hauntingly beautiful confines of Schloss Heinrichshorst, Viona's private Victorian hunting mansion nestled in Germany, each edition of the ball unfolds as a mesmerizing tapestry of macabre fantasy. Join us for an unforgettable soirée, where the echoes of the danse macabre resound, and where fashion, art, and the eerie charm of the night converge in a celebration unlike any other."

Go to the official DANSE MACABRE website.

Viona likes to thank all her loyal guests, friends, fellow-dreamers and the photographers who made these beautiful impressions.

photo credits:

Bart Kools, Christian Schulze, Fred Lo Cascio, Ruud De Korte, Lucas de Cocker, Thomas Bunge, Annika von Stein, Azazel, Carmilla Youngblood, Cecile Dubuis, Cela Yildiz, Claire Amaranth, Dick Carlier, Discipulus, Elena Lalinovoskaja, Andy Fraser, Jean- Christophe Grenelle, Laurens Van der Veken, Liddy Ackerman, Lindy van den Bosch, Marigo Son, Pierre Leszcyck, Pieter Van Den Zegel, Ronny Van den Dycke, Sarahecmilla CB, Soul Stealer Photography, Stevek Photography, Steven Kessels, Suzanne Coles, Wendy de Glee, Aigue-Marine, Andreas Skiadopoulos, Artis LuMara, Cecile Morbidfrog, Eline Nijs, Erika Happyarts, Esther Borbas, Gerd Van den Broeck, House of Secrets, Kit Gerrits, Lisi Lidauer, Melusine Marie Romance, Oh Marisha, Oksana Ahinkom Rebecca Carberry, Ruffles and Steam, Ruud De Kort, Elvire van Ooteghem, Melissa La Fay, Izabelle Devulder, Diana Kraska, Esmeralda Honigtopf, Fanny Wilk, Gazet Van Antwerpen, Karin Claus, Nadia Van Der Westhuizen, Sabrina Smit, Sara Briar Rose, Veronique Van der Veken, Alyson Brewer, Ann De Meulemeester, Catherine Jane Roberstson, Christian Wiegärtner, Datenshi, Ellen Hendriks, Esmeralda Wetterwachs, Eva Wijnant, Guanita Lesage, Karin Hoffgen, Leigh Van Den Acker, Lisa Nijs, Ludwig Lilienthal, Martin Small, Melissa Bistoen, Edmund Messerschmidt, Niki Liem, Sosanegra Noctambulant, Sara Tits, Tessa Waalderbos, Yves Goossens, Aztek tv, Bram de Ceurt, Phillip Herzog,... if your name is not in the list and your photo is here, send a quick message and we will credit you.

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