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Viona ielegems - Visual Artist

Born in 1982, Viona Ielegems commenced her artistic endeavors and discovered her passion for the arts within the vibrant city of Antwerp.

From the outset of her career, her photographic creations became a refuge—a reaction to the swift, commercial pace of the 21st century. Ielegems found inspiration in the gothic literature, poetry, and painters of the 19th-century romantic movement. Her early work is a tribute to this era—a dark, elegant, and melancholic reflection of a society where she felt out of place.

Her art bears a classic aesthetic, featuring muses adorned in otherworldly gowns and headdresses, often drawing from historical or ethnic influences. Whether set against a minimalistic, misty studio backdrop, within nature's embrace, or amid the walls of a historic edifice, she transforms her female models into enigmatic figures from forgotten legends or tales, inviting viewers to escape into an alternate realm.

Beyond her visual artistry, Ielegems ventured into meticulously crafted, conceptual events. These gatherings were immersive experiences, allowing guests to briefly depart from the confines of reality.

In a phase of personal redemption in 2015, she explored her artistic identity through a series of minimalistic, monochrome full-body self-portraits. This journey culminated in the solo exhibition "Kult!" Here, adorned solely by ritual masks or headdresses, her artworks emanate a juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability.

By 2019, she unveiled "Wunderkammer," a series comprising over 50 still-life photographic artworks. These pieces showcased common and exotic species of taxidermy objects hidden within the archives of a German natural history museum. Working diligently within these solitary spaces for two years, Ielegems crafted this unique series.

A firm believer in the sacred, creative energy of women, Ielegems doesn't seek to convey social or political critiques through her art. Instead, she embraces the healing and enchanting power of beauty. Though often tinged with obscurity, morbidity, and melancholy, her work exudes femininity, elegance, and refinement.


2000 - 2003

Audiovisual arts and photography-Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Antwerp, Belgium)

2003 - 2005

Graduate in pedagogy - SCVO Pestalozzi, Antwerp, Belgium



Finalist, SeeMe art competition, Affordable Art Fair NYC, USA.


See.Me Exposure Awards: The photography presented within this collection was honoured at a private reception at the Louvre Museum, Paris


Young talent award, Kunstprijs Lint, OC De Witte Merel, Belgium




“FAIRYTALES”, Médiathèque de Sélestat, Sélestat, France.


“WUNDERKAMMER” Fotografische Impressionen aus der Zoologischen Sammlung- Sonderausstellung mit Fotografien von Viona Ielegems, Museum für Naturkunde, Magdeburg, Germany.


“KULT! Götterwelt / Menschenwelt”,  Museum Römerhalle, Bad Kreuznach, Germany:


Solo booth at BLOOOM the creative industry art show, Cologne, Germany (curated by Yasha Young from Strychnin Gallery Berlin/NY).


“SARABANDE”, Kasteel van Poeke, Aalter, Belgium.


“Wu Ye Sheng Ge”, Club Inner Affair, Beijing, China.


“SILVANELLE”, Galerie Lucien Schweitzer, Luxemburg.


"GALA NOCTURNA", Kapel Cultuurpunt Altena, Kontich, Belgium


"VIONA IELEGEMS", Nieuwe Galerij Pius X, Antwerp, Belgium (curated by Natus Verbaenen).











Finalist of the SeeMe art competition, Affordable Art Fair NYC, USA.

“THE NIGHT”Exposition at the Museum for Communication Berlin, Germany.

“THE NIGHT”Exposition at the Museum for Communication Frankfurt, Germany.

“THE NIGHT”Exposition at the Museum for Communication Nürnberg, Germany.

Leipzig in Schwarz, Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig, Germany.

Sweet 18 – contemporary art/fashion/design inspired by the 18th. century”, Kasteel d’Ursel, Hingene, Belgium.

See.Me Exposure Awards 2015: The photography presented within this collection was honoured at a private reception at the Louvre Museum, Paris.

WAK, Villa Snoeck, Aalter, Belgium.

Duo show with Danielle Goffa “ Expo Boudoir”, Galerie Hangar 311, Mechelen, Belgium.


“Dark skies over Sint Andries”, coStA, Antwerp, Belgium.


“LOCO 03”, Antwerp, Belgium.


International Witchfest Europe, Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen, Belgium.


Kunstprijs Lint 2003, winner young talent, OC De Witte Merel, Belgium.


Duo show with Paul ielegems, “Ontmaskerd”, CC Kontich, Belgium

Art Direction & Event Managment

  • Gala Nocturna: 10 editions (2006 – 2016)The world’s most famous dark historic masked costume ball, with visitors from all over Europe. (Amuz Augustinus Kerk, Antwerpen, Marmeren Zaal, Verlat Zaal en Wintertuin Zoo Antwerpen, Concert Noble, Brussels and Thagaste Augustijnenklooster, Ghent, Belgium)

  • Danse Macabre: 6 editions (2010 – 2019)
    The most exclusive Noble Blood vampire ball in the world. (Monasterium, Ghent, Belgium and Schloss Heinrichshorst, Rogätz, Germany)

  • Black Oktoberfest (2015)
    Schloss Heinrichshorst, Rogätz, Germany).

  • Viona’s Victorian Village (2015)
    (Panometer, Leipzig, Germany)

  • Viona’s Victorian Picnic: 7 editions (2008 – 2014)
    Attracting over 2.000 costumed guests (Leipzig, Germany)

  • Belle Epoque picknick ZOO Antwerpen: 3 editions (2013 – 2015)
    In collaboration with ZOO Antwerpen, Belgium (8.000 visitors)

  • Victorian Fright Night, Grimm Halloween and Victorian Freak Circus (2009 – 2011)
    Fabulous historically inspired Halloween events in collaboration with Kasteel van Gaasbeek, Belgium (5.000 visitors).

  • Sarabande: 2 editions (2009 – 2010)
    Baroque masked balls. (Kasteel van Poeke, Belgium)

  • Zirkus Ravenstein (2008)
    Exotic dance and music circus, during Gentse Feesten (Ghent, Belgium)


​Adobe User Group (Belgium) – Anne Zellien (Belgium) – Baba Studio (Czech Republic) – Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop (UK) – BLOOOM at Art Fair Cologne (Germany) – Brigitte Minne (Belgium) – Concept S (Belgium) – Corset Story (UK) – Create Agency (NL) – Daan De Decker (Belgium) – Dr. van der Hoog (Netherlands) – Finale (Belgium) – Flame Tree Publishing (UK) – Galerie Lucien Schweitzer (Luxemburg) – Gemeinde Rogätz (Germany) – Gleijm & van der Waart (Netherlands) – Hangar 311 (Belgium) – Infantium Victoria (Germany) – Janez Detd (Belgium) – JPC Collection (Belgium) – Kasteel d’Ursel (Belgium) – Kasteel Van Gaasbeek (Belgium) – Little Miss Robot (Belgium) – Maze Films (USA) – Museum M (Belgium) – Qntal (Germany) – The Cast (Belgium) – Trevillion Images (UK) – Uitgeverij Schors (Netherlands) – WGT (Germany) – Who Killed Joe (Belgium) – ZOO Antwerpen (Belgium) - ….

Interviews | Articles

Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands) – Automax Magazine (Belgium) – Astan Magazin (Germany) – BILD (Germany) – BG Magazine (Ecuador) – Bliss Magazine (Belgium) – Bruid & Bruidegom (Belgium) – Cobra TV (Belgium) – Een (Belgie) – DANS Magazine (Netherlands) – Dark Spy Magazine (Germany) – De Standaard (Belgium) – Digital Photo (Germany) – Elf Fantasy Guide (Netherlands) – Faerie Magazine (USA) – Fay Magazine (UK) -  Fiend (Australia) – Galo Magazine (USA) – Gazet van Antwerpen (Belgium) – Glam Couture Magazine (USA) – Gothic Beauty Magazine (UK) – Gothic Lifestyle Magazine (Germany) – Gothic Magazine (Germany) – Gothic Lolita Bible (Japan) – Het Laatste Nieuws (Belgium) – Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium) – Kera Magazine (Japan) – Karaat Magazine (Belgium) – Karfunkel (Germany) – Knack Weekend (Belgium) – Le Quotidien (Luxemburg) – Libelle (Belgium) – Loving You (Belgium) – MDR (Germany) – Kasteel van Gaasbeek (Belgium) – PAF Magazine (Denmark) – Photo Vogue (Italy) – Renaissance Magazine (USA) – Spectrum Fantastic Art (USA) – UIT magazine (Belgium) – Uitgeverij Schors (Netherlands) – Unscene Magazine (UK) – Touring Magazine (Belgium) – Volksstimme (Germany) – Zoom Magazine (Belgium) - ...

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