Predator and priestess become one in this series of photographs that reflect both strength and fragility.

My new photographic body of work “KULT!” is a series of self-portraits, which challenge the notion of beauty asserted and imposed by the fashion industry.
I took inspiration from old folkloristic and pagan traditions, which entail wearing ritual masks and animal skins in order to invoke the forces of nature and become one with the spirit of a wild animal, without fear or shame. This made me experience the primal instinct of the savage creature and the passionate hunter, and led me to create strong and expressive photographs, which embody both my strength and my fragility.

These images fuse the beautiful and the ugly, the monstrous and the human. They are somewhat unsettling.
Set against a minimalist black background, my poses combine elegance and power. A raw energy emanates from these photos as I aim at achieving a balance between beauty, instinct and worship, which question idealised beauty.

Instinct: 100x150cm, vertical
Transformation: 100x150cm, vertical
Primal: 100x150cm, vertical
Worship: 100x150cm, vertical
Transcendence: 100x150cm, vertical and 150x150cm square
Acceptance: 100x150cm, vertical

KULT! premiered as a solo exhibition from 09.04 – 21.05 and was extended until 21.06.2017 in Museum R√∂merhalle, Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Two photographic works, “Oceanus” and “Cernunnos”, remain in the collection of the museum.