My latest work

These are the series that I recently finished, or that I’m still working on:

  • KULT!
    Predator and priestess become one in this series of self-portraits that reflect both strength and fragility.
  • Wunderkammer (in development – release end december 2017)
    Fascination for the exotic and unseen. Colour, form and composition found in antique and vintage taxidermy objects of the Natural History Museum, Magdeburg, Germany.
  • A Tale of Love and Entanglement (in development)
    No greater love than the quantum entanglement of male and female body and spirit. “A Tale of Love and Entanglement” tells the story of mythical couples whose hearts and souls are entwined for all eternity. A perpetual yearning to be together has made them both strong and vulnerable, although their divine bond cannot be easily broken.