I still value art!

For quite some time now, I have this feeling that everything I post on social media ends up in a big sinkhole. My pictures are liked, shared and commented on, and forgotten a few seconds later. Social media is flooded by pictures, both beautiful and ugly, and art just gets lost in the middle of it. People don’t take time anymore to really LOOK at a picture or to enjoy it for a little longer. I don’t think this is right. Art should be valued, so why would I allow my art to be swallowed by this social media noise?

Therefore, I have decided not to put my latest artworks in full resolution on social media anymore. Instead, I will upload a heavily pixelated version with a direct link to the artwork on my website. Time to reconnect with the artist again! I will also add the logo “Value Art!”, to underline that art can (and should) be valued again.

If you feel the same, then feel free to join my protest. Pixelate your pictures and put them in one of the “Value Art!” templates that I created for this purpose.

In the meantime, enjoy my latest work!