Noble Blood Vampire Chronicles

A luxurious hardcover photo art book about the Noble Blood vampires of Schloss Heinrichshorst.

Noble Blood Vampire Chronicles

Coffee table art book

A luxurious photography art book with pictures and stories about the elegant but dangerous “Noble Blood vampires” of Schloss Heinrichshorst.

  • hardcover
  • 184 glossy pages
  • 16 vampire models + 10 victims
  • Book size: 24 x 36 cm
  • ISBN: 978-3-00-043480-8
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Successful Kickstarter campaign

For a long time, I dreamt about creating my own photography book. Though, instead of just collecting my portfolio images, I wanted to come up with something else, so I thought about creating an entirely new series of photographs, with many characters in beautiful costumes, playing a role in an intriguing story of love, jealousy and revenge.

In 2013, I grabbed the opportunity to realize this dream and created a hardcover book filled with about 100 brand new photographs of my favorite personalities, tantalizing creatures of the dark, longing for blood. Needless to say I had a lot of fun creating the images.

A Kickstarter campaign, in which 169 fans pledged £14,831, helped bring this project to life.